It All Began When I Decided I Wanted "MORE."

For years I had dreamed of being my own boss, running my own "empire" so to speak. It took a shift in my mindset in 2018 to make that dream a reality.

I was in pursuit to start my own business because I wanted MORE... Freedom to create that life I always dreamed of, in any which way I chose. So I took the dive into creating Furlong Design Studio and haven't looked back.

a little bit sweet and A little bit sassy

Morning coffee in the hot tub
Pool Time & Soaking up the sun
Flannels & Bonfires
Planning/Hosting Themed Parties
Decorating my home for Christmas/Winter

things i love:

Doing research on the web Handmaking custom orders
Relaxing on my deck or in the pool Enjoying family & friends
Meal prepping on Sundays


Rearranging my shop way too much Going to the casino to play bingo Drinking my share of White Claws Binge watching recorded TV shows Making silly TikToks


My own Boss, Wife, Mom and Grandmother, Creative, Crafty, Driven

I am a:

I love a good challenge... I dive into researching styles, products, themes - you name it! Give me direction and I will run with it and bring some ideas to the table and/or figure out ways to make said "it" happen. 

When I come up with an idea for my home or shop, I figure it a way to make it happen. Typically on a small budget - thankfully my husband and I are DIYer's at heart and can do most of our projects ourselves. I try to think of creative ways to get a desired look with materials or refurbishing items we already have. And we don't mess around - if we are gonna do it, let's get it done! I get this comment all the time "so what have you done new this time?"

My superpower is helping people
MAKE-IT-HAPPEN. I'm the idea girl, the can you make this girl, the can you help me figure this out go-to girl.

I didn’t always have a business that features a variety of custom offerings... I literally started my business doing the very same thing I was doing at my full time job - Interior Design. And my business has been evolving ever since. Striving to grow, expand what I offer, learning new skills along the way.

goal digger - jenna kutcher


godfathers taco pizza - yum


business boutique


a white claw, of course!


obsessed with fixer to fabulous



My Favorite Things

Traveling — I look forward to my gal pal getaways!
Goal - to visit every state.

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Shopping Online! There is nothing better than jumping online and ordering anything you need without ever having to leave home.

A Good Book. I'm that girl that loves to read outside - while soaking up some sun. I think I was meant to live down south, by a beach or pool. 

My Favorite Things

Baking. Primarily in the colder months. Fan favorites are my banana bars or pumpkin bars

Ice cream. Strawberry Cheesecake from Schwann's - so yummy!

my guilty pleasure

Shiplap! I have it all over my home and in the office. Its my go to DIY wall covering vs sheetrock when renovating.





tv series

diet coke

going to parties






diet pepsi

throwing parties

Where I stand on the super important stuff... Agree / disagree? 

This      That



I wear all the hats to try and keep this crazy ship sailing.. I am working on trying to balance my work and personal life while trying to build an empire.

ceo + OWNER

Charlie Swanson

creative director

Charlie is one of my besties, my neighbor and partner in crime most of the time for business and fun. 

the dream team

Rod Furlong

Rod is my husband of 31 years. He my #1 fan, and when he's not working full time or out on the golf course, he's my go to guy to help me with certain projects.

shop foreman

let's work together

I can hardly wait to hear about your make it happen idea!
I want to be your go-to girl for all your creativity needs.. 
Drop me an email and we can chat more!

did we just become best friends?